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Local News (North West Wales)

Confirmed Forthcoming Dates

Saturday 30th November - League Winner & Runner up Tournament in Walsall (May-Aug season) UK Final Live Satelitte  DETAILS BELOW

League Winner & Runner up Tournament    (UK Final Live Satellite) 30th Nov





(for winners and runners up of all leagues and regional leagues in the North West, North Wales, and Midlands area)

£25 entry with 2 seats to the UK Final in April 2020  Guaranteed, deepstack structure

UK seats won are for the next Final as stated. They cannot be carried forward to a future final if for any reason the winner of a seat is unable to attend the date specified.  

Tournament Rules – This event is played to Grosvenor Casino’s rules. The Grosvenor Cardrooms Supervisor’s decision is final.

Id Requirements - A valid Grosvenor Membership card is required for Casino Entry, those without must bring a valid form of Government Issued ID.   Please check with the casino if in any doubt. To save you time you on the day, if you are not already a Grosvenor member, you can become one at any other Grosvenor casino before the event.

Most Casinos operate a strict challenge 25 scheme, Players have previously been refused entry due to not fulfilling ID requirements upon arrival. The Nuts Poker League has no control over players being refused entry or being asked to leave by Casino Reception / Door staff.


Regional Final - Sunday 13th October

Congratulations to Gethin John from North West Wales Region on Winning the Regional Tournament

87 Players started


Position Name Region Prize
1st Gethin John North West Wales £450 + Nat Seat + UK FiNAL SEAT
2nd Daryl Jones North West Wales £300 + Nat Seat
3rd JT Williams North West Wales £195
4th Alan Sutton Wrexham £135 + Nat Seat
5th Mike Parcesepe Wrexham £100 + Nat Seat
6th Neil Griffiths Wrexham £75
7th Donna Stanton Wrexham £55 + Nat Seat
8th Darren Leeming Tameside £50 + Nat Seat
9th Kieran Gates Tameside £40 + Nat Seat
10th Andrew Thomas Wrexham £35 + Nat Seat
11th Mark Powis Wrexham Nat Seat
12th Bill Philpott Manchester Nat Seat
13th Paul Dunford North West Wales Nat Seat
14th Steve Fothergill Manchester  
15th Claire Owlett Wrexham Nat Seat
16th Mick Hague Tameside Nat Seat


Top 4 Tournament Result 15th Sept

Congratulations to Jon "JT" Williams from the Albert Inn Caernarfon on Winning the Top 4. The Albert Inn won the £200 Team Tourney

Full Result

Position Name Venue Won
1st Jon Williams Albert Inn £130 + National Seat
2nd Anne Armstrong Albert Inn £85 + National seat
3rd Tyrone Duffy Albert Inn £55 + National Seat
4th Alison Keetley Steamhouse £40
5th Dafydd Joseph Elihu Yales £30
6th Steven Fothergill Garrick's Head £20 + National Seat
7th Marc Bray Old Black Horse £15 + National seat
8th Mike Roberts Red Lion £15

League Winner & Runner up Tournament Result

Congratulations to Alex McLaggan from Manchester & Martin Day from Preston on winning seats to the 2020 UK Final, with Neil Saunders from Wolverhampton who finished in third for £85

This will be a recurring tournament with the next UK Final Live Satellite for the winners and runners up from the May - Aug season being at Walsall on November 23rd. 2 seats will be guaranteed there



The winner of each Regional Final staged in Manchester will win a seat to the next UK Final

The winner of the Coventry National Finals will also win a seat to the next UK Final