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Local News (East Anglia)

Player Information

Congratulations to Alan Brighten on winning the East Anglia champion of champions tournament at Diss cue club.



Congratulations to Rob Fletcher on becoming the new and for a second East Anglia regional champion.



Final standings from Saturday's Regional finals at Grosvenor casino Great Yarmouth

1st Rob Fletcher £1000 + Casino Experience ( Already has National seat
2nd Chris Taylor £500 + Casino Experience + National seat
3rd Alex Hale £340 + National seat
4th Billy Doyle £300 + National seat
5th Luke Gould £250 + National seat
6th Barry Davis £200 + National seat
7th Stewart Churchard £180 + National seat
8th Adam Kaloo £150 ( Already has National seat )
9th Sean Davis £140 + National seat
10th Phil Barry £120 + National seat
11th Stephen Warner £100 + National seat
12th Spencer Baker £90 + National seat
13th Alan Thompson £80 + National seat
14th Paul Cott £70 + National seat
15th Danielle Chaplin £50
16th Julian Figura £50
17th Harry Osbourne £40
18th Kenny Derrick £40

Highest Hand Sean Hale £50 + National seat


Congratulations to Adam Kaloo on winning the East Anglia Highrollers tournament at Wymondhan sports bar Sunday 22nd September 2019.