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Local News (Shropshire & South Cheshire)

What can I win by playing in the Shropshire & West Midlands area of the Nuts Poker League?

With the introduction of the new yearly small field UK Final where the winner will get £10,000 cash, the total you can play for each year in this area is over £50,000 cash plus trips to Las Vegas.

End of season events:-

  • Everyone that finishes the season above a red line in either a venue or overall region league will be eligible to play the Area Grand Final held at Grosvenor Casino Walsall. At this game there will be added cash (£1000+) to play for, England & Wales Final seats at Coventry for top players, a free buffet at the first break and it will be a fully casino dealt game. On top of the cash and E/W final seat the winner will also get a seat to the new small field UK Final playing for that top prize of £10,000

  • The same players will also be able to play the local pub based National Qualifier where seats to the end of season England & Wales final at Coventry will be up for grabs

  • Each season there is another chance to book your seat to the new UK Final. For all players that play a minimum of 25 games throughout the season there will be an additional end of season satellite arranged. The winner will go direct to the UK Final playing for that top prize of £10,000. The 25 games can be made up of a combination of live and on-line games.

  • There is also an end of season Bonus Tournament played at Grosvenor Casino Stoke. Free to play the winner gets a UK Final seat and top players get England & Wales National Final seats.

  • The winner and runner of each league up will be able to play a casino based UK Final satellite where 2 seats to the next UK Final are guaranteed plus cash prizes dependant on total number of runners on the day.

  • At the end of season Coventry final there is a total prize pool of circa £10,000+ and the winner on the day will get £3,000 cash, a seat to the UK Final and a trip to Las Vegas playing in the World League Poker Championships where the main event has a guaranteed prize pool of circa $25,000


Check below for details of all these events and previous results and winners


If you want your poker to be part of the best league in the country and get all the above chances to win big contact me through the details shown above and I can give you all the necessary information.


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Mark Turnbull from Telford became the first player in the Country to get a seat at the new Nuts Poker League UK Final with a top prize of £10,000 cash - the biggest single cash prize in pub poker history. He got his seat in the January to April season free-roll loyality bonus game. Well done Mark.















































Well done to Sean Price for taking down the Central Shropshire National Qualifier on Saturday 25th Jan at the Rose and Crown Telford. Another great turn out with 48 runners. Congratulations to everyone that won a seat to the £10,000 national final on 22nd March and a seat to the £1,000 game at G Casino seat in April

Top finishers:-

1st Sean Price (National and Walsall seat)

2nd Matty Herwin (Walsall seat, already has a National seat)

3rd John Price (National and Walsall seat)

4th Josh Shenton (National and Walsall seat)

5th Chris Meakin (National and Walsall seat)

6th Ed Dawes (Walsall seat, already has a National seat))

7th Adam Stevens (National and Walsall seat)

8th Richard Simmonds (National and Walsall seat)

9th Dave Finch (National and Walsall seat)

10th Alan Fox (National and Walsall seat)

11th Maureen Dawes (Walsall seat)

12th James Noto (Walsall seat)

13th Antona Dowling (Walsall seat)

14th Paul Gilsenan (Walsall seat)


Well done to Andy Aldridge for taking down the North Shropshire National Qualifier on Saturday 1st Feb at the Bulls head in Whitchurch. Another great turn out with 45 runners. Congratulations to everyone that won a seat to the £10,000 national final on 22nd March and a seat to the £1,000 game at G Casino seat in April

Top finishers:-

1st Andy Aldridge (National and Walsall seat)

2nd Emma Swindley (National and Walsall seat)

3rd Brian Duffy (National and Walsall seat)

4th Tony Smith (National and Walsall seat)

5th Mike Dolan (National and Walsall seat)

6th Jonny Minton (National and Walsall seat)

7th Lee Ryan (Walsall seat)

8th Dave Behan (Walsall seat)

9th Roy Blase (Walsall seat)

10th Tony Beamond (Walsall seat)










 Well done to all the players from this area that cashed in the National Final in May. You can see a report of the day and details of prizes here:-




Congratulations to all the ten players that won a seat to the national final in May at the top 3 game on Sunday 26th Feb at Genting Casino Stoke. Well done to Paul Breedon from the Britannia in Telford who came 6th (2nd left front row)