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Name: Rich Cornick
Tel: 0787 0809528
Email: [email protected]

Next Event Venue Location Venue Details
Tue 02/03/2021 20:00 The Gladstone Club (Tuesday) - GAMES PAUSED Northwich View
Thu 04/03/2021 20:00 The Old House at Home with a seat to the England & Wales National Final for the league winner Hartshill View
Tue 01/01/2222 01:00 Cronkinsons Farm (No longer a league venue) Nantwich View
Tue 01/01/2222 01:00 The Gladstone Club (Thursday) GAMES PAUSED - National seat for league winner. Early reg bonus before 8pm Northwich View
Tue 01/01/2222 01:00 The Greenbank Hotel GAMES PAUSED Northwich View
Tue 01/01/2222 01:00 Thingwall Recreation Centre (no longer a league venue) View
Wed 01/01/2223 01:00 Broken Cross Club GAMES PAUSED Macclesfield View
Wed 01/01/2223 01:00 Red Bull Inn -GAMES PAUSED with a England / Wales National final seat for the league winner Kingsley, Frodsham View
Wed 01/01/2223 01:00 The Talbot GAMES PAUSED Nantwich View
Thu 01/01/2224 01:00 The Gladstone Club (Monday) - No longer a league night Northwich View
Thu 01/01/2224 01:00 The Wharf GAMES PAUSED Congleton View