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Q. How do I join The Nuts Poker League?

The first time you play, your details will be taken and you will be issued a unique membership number that is used every time you play (even in different venues).

To find your nearest venue click here and enter your post code. A list of venues will appear.

Click on any venue's name, and a league table will appear, click on the "venue" tab, and details of forthcoming games will show.

If there isn't a venue near you, we do also offer the facility for home games to be part of our league  for further details click here

Q. What Can I win?

Our Annual UK Champion wins £10,000 Cash!

In addition to this Cash prizes plus Trips to Las Vegas to represent Team GB in the World League Poker Championships are to be won at our National Finals ( England & Wales combine for a National final every 4 months, and the Scotland National Final is staged on an annual basis) Details of prizes won at our last finals can be found by clicking here

Q. I’m not that confident about the rules of Texas Hold’em poker.

 Help and assistance is at hand. Each venue appoints a Tournament Director. Just let the Tournament Director know and they will get you playing in no time at all.

Q. Are there any restrictions on who can play?

As pubs run their own games, if a Licensee does not want someone entering their premise, the league has no control over this decision.

Players have to be at least 18 years old

Q. How long does the tournament last?

Poker generally starts at either 7.30pm or 8pm and will run until there is an overall winner usually around 11pm. Some venues play on a weekend afternoon.

Q. Do I have to wait until the start of a season to join?

No, you can join at any stage. We suggest you arrive 10 minutes before the advertised start time, and advise the Tournament Director in attendance or the Bar staff that you wish to play and they will assist.

Q. Will I have to deal?

Each player takes turns to deal. Dealing is easy and players soon settle and deal when it’s their turn.

Q. Who runs the tournaments and what are the rules?

Each venue run their own game. The league do NOT employ Tournament Directors so each venue  appoints their own Tournament Director to oversee the running of the games. The TD will settle any issues with hand ranking etc.

We provide our suggested rules, but as as venue's run their own events they can use other rules, which they should have available for all to see. Finals staged in casino's will be played to the Casino's rules

Q. Who's responsible for what?

The league provides the website for the venue's results entry, creation of the league tables, and organises the Regional, National and UK Finals.

The venue is responsible for everything that happens within their venue ie, the running of their game, any ruling's made, who can/cannot play in their venue and whether there is a buy in or not.

Q. How many people usually play?

This varies from venue to venue. Some venues have up to 8 players whereas others have over 40 players.

Q. Can I play at other venues?

You can play at as many as you like.

Q. Are the games money buy in games?

Some venues play for small stakes, and we suggest you contact the venue you are interested in playing at for further details.

Q. How does the league structure work?

Details are on