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Seasons are 4 months in duration:

1st January - 30th April

1st May - 31st August

1st September - 31 December

Players earn points according to their finishing position on the night.

At the end of the season the top 25% (maximum 15) players at each venue qualify for an end of season Tournament.

At this end of season Tournament a certain number of players will then qualify for the next National Final.

The National Finals are held in prestigious Casinos and the players have the opportunity to win major cash prizes and trips to Las Vegas

A player can play at as many venues as they wish, and will appear in the league table of each venue.

A new player can join at any stage of the season.

Venues can join at any stage of the season, but must have staged a minimum amount of events in a season, to ensure their players qualify for the end of season Tournament.

Points allocation

For every player in attendance, 200 points are added to the Points Prize Fund for that night*

These points will then be allocated to the top eight players in the following way:
        1st = 30% of prize fund
        2nd = 20%
        3rd = 13%
        4th = 10%
        5th = 9%
        6th = 7%
        7th = 6%
        8th = 5%
        50 points for all others.

        Additional 30 points awarded for bringing membership card

* If less than 8 players in attendance, whilst 200 points per player get added to the prize pot, players still receive the same % of points as above.
As an example, if there were nine players at an event, there would be 1,800 points to play for. The winner would therefore win 540 points (30 % of the total prize fund), and the points awarded would descend down to the person who finishes 8th, with that person claiming 90 points (5 % of the prize fund). Regardless of how many people have entered, players who failed to finish in the top eight would receive 80 points. So the higher you finish, the more points you will win from the prize fund on that night.

* If there was 5 players there would be 1000 points to play for. The winner would receive 300 points (30% of the total prize fund) and so on.

Regional League Table
This table displays the accumulative total of points each player has earned in a Region during that season.
Everything you need to know about playing in The Nuts Poker League
Joining the Nuts Poker League is simple. All you need to do is turn up at any venue in good time and inform the Tournament Director or Bar Staff that you wish to play. Your details will be taken and you will be issued a unique membership number that is used every time you play (even in different venues).
Prizes that are on offer at our National Finals, are displayed, when confirmed, on a link from our homepage.
Anyone who is not sure about the rules of Texas Hold'em do not have to worry as there will be help and assistance available. Just let the Tournament Director know and they will get you playing in no time at all.
Anyone can play, as long as you get to the venue early and register to play in time. Each tournament is open to anyone who wishes to play provided they are 18 or over.
Poker generally starts at either 7.30pm or 8pm and will run until there is an overall winner, around 11pm. But the exact time that the tournament finishes will depend on the number of players participating.
The number of players varies from venue to venue. Some venues have up to eight players whereas some have over 40 players. You can play at as many venues as you like.

Some venues may play for small stakes, which is fine provided kept within the legal limits. We suggest you contact the venue before attending if you wish to know, if they do or not.
Each player takes turns to deal, but if you are not confident then another player may deal for you. Dealing is easy and players soon settle and deal when it's their turn.
The Tournament Director will run the games. They will ensure that everyone who wants to play gets a game, settle any issues with hand ranking, and points allocation.
So what is stopping you joining thousands of other poker players who have already been grabbed by The Nuts!