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We are delighted to offer you the chance to stage your own Home / Private game with family & friends, and still be part of our League, with your top players having the opportunity to win BIG cash prizes.

How the Home League / Private Events work

We will create on our website, your own league table with results history and stats.

You choose how often you play, the vast majority play weekly but this is not compulsory. Please note there is a minimum amount of games that need to be played in a season, for players to progress through to the finals.

At each home/private game, players in attendance receive points in relation to their finishing position , which are added to their individual points tally on your league table.

You will be given access to our website, to issue membership numbers and upload scores. User friendly instructions are supplied for a data entry process which is easy to use and not time consuming.

At the end of each season the top 25% of players (maximum of 15) from your League table will qualify for an end of season Final.

Frequently asked Questions

Can anyone play?
As this is a Home/Private game, only the players that you would like to invite will be able to participate.

Can we play for stakes / money and the Law?
For home games all details are covered on the Gambling Commission's website, click here
If it is a “private” game held in a licensed premise, then current legislation will be relevant, for full details visit the Gambling Commission's website click here

Can under 18’s play?
The league is for players aged 18+.

Can we join Mid-season?

Is there a set format that we have to follow?

No you have the freedom to choose your starting chips, blind timing etc. If you would like guidance, we will happily provide an event timetable for you.

Can I play in one of your Pub Leagues as well as a Home/Private league?

Yes, you can play in as many as you like. Players also keep the same membership number, no matter where they play.

Is there a fixed term contract?

No, you only pay for the results you enter

How do I pay the League?

At the time of entering results a card or Paypal payment is taken


If you need to purchase any poker equipment, please visit our shop

How do I join The Nuts Poker League Home/Private Games?

Simply complete the details for more information and prices, and a representative will contact you.

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