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Local News (East Lincolnshire)



Since the Covid pandemic the opportunity to win a Vegas trip at The Nationals has disappeared, mainly due to a slow return to normality as so many businesses suffered throughout that time.

The East Anglia region has now bounced back to close to what it was before Covid and it’s thanks to all the existing and new players who have helped to make that happen.

Along with many of you, I also was disappointed that a Vegas trip was not available to win at our Nationals and have been working away in the background to see if in some way this could be remedied.  Unfortunately I do NOT see the National Vegas trip returning in the near future, but have even BETTER news for the players in the East Anglia region.

This current season of which we are only in week 1 will see you be able to win one of two guest trips to Las Vegas in May 2024.

The first will be at the Highrollers tournament January 2024 in which to qualify you must play 30 games or more and instead of a UK Final seat the winner of that tournament will win a trip to Las Vegas.

The second will be at the February Regionals tournament where once again the winner will receive a guest trip to Las Vegas in May 2024.

This is a first from the inception of the Nuts poker league and East Anglia will be the only region to offer this. With your support for this ground breaking enterprise I hope to continue with Vegas trips on into the future at all Regional events at least and depending on its success to add others along the way.

Your trip will include flights, hotel ( The MGM Grand ), resort fees, transfers to and from the Vegas airport, all you will need is your spending money.

If for whatever reason the winner of the trip cannot or does not want to go then it will be rolled down to second place ( No cash alternative will be offered ).

This truly is a lifetime opportunity to go FREE to the gambling capital of the world with no set agendas so you can do as you please once you get there, take in a show, play poker, see the sights and so much more.

You will be in a shared room of 2 but if you wish to take your partner this can be arranged at an additional cost.

I used to advertise from your local to the Regionals to the Nationals and on to Vegas, Now it’s just from your local to the Regional and onto Vegas.

So if you play Redtooth just to get a chance of going to Vegas now you don’t need to. You have far more chance of getting to the Regionals than with them so far more chance of getting to Vegas and for this season at least 2 chances if you play the 30 games needed to qualify for the Highrollers tournament.

You would be absolutely NUTS to play poker anywhere else