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Name: Nick Smith
Email: [email protected]

Regional Event Information

Date:1st February 2020
Venue:Grosvenor Maybury Casino 1-5 South Maybury Edinburgh
Registration Opens:12.30pm
Registration Closes:1.30pm
Entry Fee:10
Side Pot (optional):n/a
Total Prize Fund Payout:Estimated 1000
Notes: Added 150
Qualification:Only players that have finished above the red qualifying line in a venue or regional league table can play. the only exception is if a player below the line has exactly the same number of points as the playerabove the line in the same league table.
National Final Seats:9
Pay Out Structure:TBC
Late Arrivals:.
Starting Chips:10,000
Blind Structure:TBC levels
Food Available:Free buffet after level 3
ID Requirements:In order to play, players must bring ID, or be identified by a Nuts Agent and fulfill the membership criteria of the venue.

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