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Name: Aneurin Venables
Tel: 07540 188979
Email: [email protected]

Local News (Flintshire & Denbighshire)



***Online news update****
We were hopeful that the Grosvenor mobile app would be released by now so those that can only play on mobile devices (and macs ) would be able to join in for the remainder of the Super League season that we started back in March. Unfortunately the mobile app hasn't happened.
Therefore after careful consideration and discussion myself and Rich have decided to postpone the restart of the league to give Grosvenor more time to sort it out. We really hope that 4 weeks will be enough.
********4 Week Mini Season********
So in the meantime we have decided to do a 4 week season starting tomorrow night with at least £1250 worth of prizes
We will put on a final after the 4 weeks and those eligible will play for cash and there will be other prizes dependant on total numbers that play (2021 UK Final seats plus different cash prizes if nightly numbers support it)
All results will be entered into the website and there will be 3 separate leagues created.
One for the pub structure games (Monday, Saturday & Sunday),
another for online structure games (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) meaning that each will have 12 games making them more competitive over the 4 week period and a third league which will be for the Omaha on a Thursday night with 4 results making up the league.
Normal qualification to the final will apply i.e. the top 25% of each league (up to a maximum of 25) or if you play at least 10 times over the 4 week period.
We both hope that you will continue to support the on-going online games





All games start at 8pm (Late Reg 30 mins)


Sunday Bounty Hunter freezeout £13 with £5 bounties (online structure 3k/10 mins)

Monday £8 freezeout (online structure 3k/10 mins)

Tuesday 6 max £8 freezeout (live structure 10k/15 mins)

Wednesday freezeout £10 (live structure 10k/15 mins)

Thursday Omaha £8 (online structure 5k/10 mins)

Friday freezeout £8 (live structure 10k/15 mins)

Saturday freezeout £10 (online structure 5k/10 mins)




Qualification to Online Free Roll Final


Play 30+ games over the 12 week period OR

Finish in the top 25 of each nightly league


Freeroll final has a projected £3000+ U.K. Final 2021 seat for the winner (which is the minimum, it could increase)


ALSO The TOP 3 of EVERY NIGHTLY LEAGUE and the Overall Top 3 will also have a playoff for another U.K. Final 2021 Seat.


Individual nightly tables :


Overall table


the top 6 will get a cash bonus for finishing in the top 6 places over the 12 weeks

1st- £200, 2nd- £100, 3rd- £80, 4th- £60,5th- £40, 6th- £20


Overall table:




Play 20 games between weeks 1-7 (ends Sat 9th May) to qualify for a £1000 loyalty freeroll which will take place on Sunday 10th May at 3pm

Please ask Rich or Nye for the password from Thursday May 7th


Play 20 games between weeks 7-12 (Sun May 3- Sat June 13) to qualify for a £1000 loyalty freeroll on Sunday 14th June at 3pm

Please ask Rich or Nye for the password from Thursday June 11th


****ALSO PLEASE NOTE MAY AND JUNE RESULTS WILL BE ENTERED AS FEBRUARY AND EARLY MARCH, ie May 1st will be Feb 1st, up to June 13th which will be entered as March 13th****

Confirmed Forthcoming Dates

S3 2019 (Sep-Dec 2019)

Main Regional- Sunday Feb 2nd – Bolton

Champions- Sunday Feb 23rd- Bolton

UK Final Live Satellite- Sat Mar 28th- Bolton (2pm)

National Final- sat April 4th- Coventry (12 noon)

UK FINAL 2020- SAT APRIL 25th- Bury New Road, Manchester (12 noon)

S1 2020 (Jan-April 2020)

Top 5- Sunday 17th May- Liverpool

Main Regional- Sunday 14th June- Bolton

Champions- Sunday 21st June- Bolton

National Final- Sat 11th July- Coventry (12 noon)

UK Final Live Satellite- TBC- Walsall

Summer 2020- North West Nuts Heads up Championships

S2 2020 (May-Aug 2020)

Top5- Sunday 20th Sept- Liverpool

Main Regional- Sunday 18th Oct- Bolton

Champions- Sunday 25th Oct- Bolton

National Final- Sat Nov 7th- Coventry (Noon)

UK Final Live Satellite- Sat November 21st- Bolton (2pm)

MAIN REGIONAL FEB 2ND (for all players that finished above a red Line in Flintshire and Denbighshire, Lancashire or Merseyside in season Sep-Dec 2019)

£5 entry (£10 optional side pot)

£2500 guaranteed 

12 seats to National Final in Coventry on April 4th

Winner gets a seat to UK Final in Manchester on April 25th

2nd, 3rd and 4th to play in UK Final Playoff for a seat in the UK Final

Lucky loser freeroll for those out in first 3 hours (1 national seat and £100)

£50 Best hand of the day

Reg 12-1250

Start time 1pm

****Extra 2000 chips for being registered and sat down in person at the start of the game****


Qualifying players for both regionals in Feburary can be found by clicking this line





92 players began the tournament with a £2,500 prizepool

Pos Name Region Prize(s)
1 Mohammed Ali Lancashire £700 + UK Final Seat
2 Cai Davies Merseyside £480 + £99 sidepot + National Final seat+ UK Final Playoff
3 Adam Clarke Merseyside £350 + National Final Seat + UK Final Playoff
4 Wayne Lovell Lancashire £250 + £99 sidepot UK Final Playoff (Nat Seat already)
5 Kev Garcia Merseyside £180 + £98 sidepot + National Final Seat
6 Martin Day Lancashire £130 + £98 sidepot + National Final Seat
7 Michelle Jennkings Merseyside £100 + National Final Seat
8 John Lang Lancashire £80 + £98 sidepot (Nat Seat Already)
9 Mark Bennett North Wales £65 + £98 sidepot + National Final Seat
10 Ben Foote Lancashire £65 + National Final Seat
11 Ste Daley Merseyside 50 cash (Nat Seat Already)
12 Chris Collier Lancashire £50 + National Final Seat
13 Josh Rayworth Lancashire National Final Seat
14 Stuart Meadowcroft North Wales National Final Seat
15 Carol Flavell North Wales (Nat Seat Already)
16 David Johnson Merseyside  
17 Margaret Orgill North Wales National Final Seat
18 Sean Daly North Wales (Nat Seat Already)
19 Joel Cooper Lancashire National Final Seat
20 Susan Lowe Lancashire National Final Seat
21 David Owens North Wales Nat Final reserve
LL1 Antony Roberts North Wales £50 + National Final Seat
LL2 Cheryl Butler North Wales 30 cash
LL3 Gary Hodgson   20 cash
BH Josh Rayworth Lancashire £50 (straight flush 2-6)
  Total Prizes   £4,490


Pos Name Region Prize(s)
1 Graham Edwards North Wales £150+ £25 B + National Seat + UK Final Playoff
2 Emma Hookings North Wales £130 + £58 sidepot + £35 B + Nat Seat + UK F Playoff
3 Sean Daly North Wales £130 + £58 sidepot + £35 B + Nat Seat + UK F Playoff
4 Michael Fisher-Sinclair Merseyside £80 + £58 sidepot + £20 B + National Seat
5 Peter Horrocks Lancashire £60 + £58 sidepot + £35 B + National Seat
6 Ste Daley Merseyside £60 + £57 sidepot + £20 B + National Seat
7 John Lang Lancashire £40 + £57 sidepot + £10 B + National Seat
8 Laura Knight Merseyside £40 + £57 sidepot + £25 B + National Seat
9 Ant Hodgkinson North Wales £30 Cash + £10 B
10 Scott Carpenter Lancashire £30 + £57 sidepot + £5B
O Tom Mawdsley North Wales £25 Best Hand (Royal flush- hearts) + £20 B



84 Players turned up to Grosvenor Casino, Bolton on Sunday Feb 10th for the Lancashire, Merseyside, Flintshire and Denbighshire Regional finals, hoping to bag themselves a share of the £2500 guaranteed prizepool and the 13 national seats on offer.

After around 8 hours the players got down to the final table with Chris Jones and Margaret Orgill making their second consecutive final table appearance after their appearance at the Top 5 bonus tournament last month.

Hendry's Snooker Club in Preston had a fantastic day with 4 players down to the last 16 whilst all 3 regions were all well represented, and Hendry's player Josh Rayworth took down the tournament, winning his seat to both the National Finals and UK Final in early 2020, ahead of Derek Parker of the White Bear in Mancot in second

Well played to all finalists and players during the day

Regional Results      
1st Josh Rayworth Lancashire £750 Cash + £66 Sidepot + UK Final Seat+ National Seat
2nd Derek Parker North Wales £470 Cash + £66 Sidepot + UK Final Playoff + National Seat
3rd Aneurin Venables North Wales £300 Cash + £66 Sidepot + UK Final Playoff (Nat Seat already won)
4th Keeley Greaves Lancashire £200 Cash + £66 Sidepot + UK Final Playoff + National Seat
5th Margaret Orgill North Wales £150 Cash + £66 Sidepot (Nat Seat Already won)
6th Michelle Jennings Merseyside £150 Cash + £66 Sidepot + National Seat
7th Martin Day Lancashire £100 Cash + £66 Sidepot + National Seat
8th Craig Millington Lancashire £100 Cash + £66 Sidepot + National Seat
9th Lee Harrison Lancashire £100 Cash + £66 Sidepot + National Seat
10th Chris Jones Merseyside £60 Cash + £66 Side Pot (Nat Seat Already won)
11th Mike Unsworth Lancashire £60 Cash + National Seat
12th Paul Cunningham Merseyside £60 Cash (Nat Seat Already won)
13th Wayne Lander North Wales National Seat
14th Jamie Abella Lancashire National Seat
15th Michael Li Merseyside National Seat
16th Jeremy Severs Lancashire National Seat
LL 1st Angel Hunt Lancashire £50 Cash + National Seat
LL 2nd Ricky Blackwell North Wales £30 Cash
LL 3rd Marcus Jones Merseyside £20 Cash (Nat Seat Already won)
Best Hand Will Johnston Lancashire £50 Best Hand of the Day (AAAKK)
  Total Monetary Value   £4,510