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Name: Trevor Owen
Tel: 07766 406039
Email: [email protected]

Local News (East Anglia)

Player Information

Upcoming events this season 

National Finals

Coventry Ricoh Arena 9th July.

Congratulations to the new East Anglia regional champion Stephen Warner
Final standings from Regional Final
1st Stephen Warner £1140 National Seat
2nd Oliver Hale £550 National Seat
3rd Kevin Jex £400 National Seat
4th Simon Whayman £320 National Seat
5th Ivan Bamber £260 National Seat
6th Rob Fletcher £200 National Seat
7th Luke Baker £170 National Seat
8th Martin Royan £140 National Seat
9th Keith Ellis £120 National Seat
10th Peter Sarjeant £100 National Seat
11th Matthew Anderson £80 National Seat
12th Peter Belson £80 National Seat
13th Charlotte Crowe £70
14th Alison Spooner £70
15th Shaun Bulock £60
16th Joan Ballard £60
17th Steve Lansdale Brown £50
18th Scott Casey £50
19thJames Read £40
20th Lauren Goldsmith £40
Congratulations to Kim Spooner on winning the East Anglia Highrollers tournament at Wymondham Sports Bar Sunday 15th May 2022.



Kim Spooner National & UK Final seat
Mike Cuggy National seat
Alan Thompson National seat
Sherri Jeffrey National seat

Congratulations to Nik Faulds on winning the East Anglia champion of champions tournament at Wymondham Sports Bar Sunday 8th May 2022.

All received National seats

Nik Faulds
Luke Masters
Alan Harris
James Adcock
Roger Abrahams
Mark Booker

The new season starts today and with it your chance to get your foot on the ladder for qualifying for the October regionals and November Nationals.

The following venues have been awarded a National seat direct to the Nationals to be played off for at the end of the season.
Carleton Rode Social Club
Wymondham Sports Bar ( Thursday )
Queens Head Hethersett
Sole and Heel Rackheath



After being in communication and conversation with the Palace casino Great Yarmouth I have arranged for the upcoming and future Regionals to be held there.
Priory Plain, Great Yarmouth NR30 1PL A carpark is available up the ramp at the side of the bingo hall
This will once again be a one day event so eliminating the need for preliminary games to reach 60 players when attending Grosvenor.
EVERYONE if not already will need to become a member and the preference is to do this prior to the day of the game on 11th June.
You can download the Palace bingo app where you will find an option to join the casino and become a member leaving only a picture to be taken on the day OR
You can go in at anytime and make yourself a member.
If you have been a member less than 1 month the maximum you can spend in the casino is £500 and the maximum winnings will be £1400 therefore it will be beneficial to make yourself a member as soon as you can. This is to comply with the Gambling commission and money laundering rules.
Food will be available to purchase on the day starting from £5.50 for a meal and I will post a menu up once I have received it.

We have a National Champion

Congratulations to Graham Macintosh on winning the England and Wales Nationals at the Ricoh arena Coventry.


Also a great effort by James Murphy who came 7th at the Nationals

Congratulations to Richard Fountain on becoming the new East Anglia regional champion.

Final standings

1st Richard Fountain £1000 and National Seat
2nd Del Borwick £500 and National Seat
3rd Wayne Johnson £330 and National Seat
4th Karolis Laipienis £290 Already has seat
5th Chris Unsworth £240 and National Seat
6th Danielle Chaplin £200 and National Seat
7th Steve Duffield £160 and National Seat
8th Lewis Umney £130 and National Seat
9th Dave Adams £110 and National Seat
10th Darren Moody £100 and National Seat
11th Steven Burgess £90 Already had seat
12th Lewis Popham £80 Already had seat
13th Graham Macintosh £70 Already had seat
14th Andy Goff £60 and National Seat
15th Reece Ling £50 Already had seat
16th Tony Bartley £50 and National Seat
17th Kevin Moore £40 and National seat
Congratulations to Jack Potter on winning the East Anglia Highrollers tournament at Wymondham sport bar on Sunday 13th March 2022.
Congratulations to James Murphy on winning the September- December 2021 season Champion of Champions tournament at Wymondham Sports Bar 20/2/22.


Congratulations to Martin Dickinson on winning the East Anglia Regional Finals 1st February 2020,


Final standings from Saturday's Regionals.

1st Martin Dickinson £640 + National seat
2nd Darren Moody £640 + National seat
3rd Peter Belson £640 + National seat
4th Spencer Dyos £300 + National seat
5th Mike Cuggy £250 + National seat
6th Steve Harvey £200 + National seat
7th Ali Spooner £180 + National seat
8th Oliver Wilkins £150 + National seat
9th Shaun Haines £140 + National seat
10th Barry Davis £120 + National seat
11th Kevin Moore £100 + National seat
12th David Larnder £90 + National seat
13th David Adams £80
14th Keith Halls £70
15th Roger Abrahams £50
16th Richard Fountain £50
17th Joe Clarke £40
18th Andy Goff £40

Highest Hand
Steven Burwood Straight Flush to the Queen National seat.

Congratulations to Hayley Smith Yaxley on winning the East Anglia Champion of Champions tournament at Diss cue club on Sunday 23rd February 2020.

Congratulation to Joe Vettraino on winning the East Anglia Highrollers Tournament at Mattishall Social Club Sunday 19th January 2020.


Congratulations to Alan Brighten on winning the East Anglia champion of champions tournament at Diss cue club.



Congratulations to Rob Fletcher on becoming the new and for a second East Anglia regional champion.



Final standings from Saturday's Regional finals at Grosvenor casino Great Yarmouth

1st Rob Fletcher £1000 + Casino Experience ( Already has National seat
2nd Chris Taylor £500 + Casino Experience + National seat
3rd Alex Hale £340 + National seat
4th Billy Doyle £300 + National seat
5th Luke Gould £250 + National seat
6th Barry Davis £200 + National seat
7th Stewart Churchard £180 + National seat
8th Adam Kaloo £150 ( Already has National seat )
9th Sean Davis £140 + National seat
10th Phil Barry £120 + National seat
11th Stephen Warner £100 + National seat
12th Spencer Baker £90 + National seat
13th Alan Thompson £80 + National seat
14th Paul Cott £70 + National seat
15th Danielle Chaplin £50
16th Julian Figura £50
17th Harry Osbourne £40
18th Kenny Derrick £40

Highest Hand Sean Hale £50 + National seat


Congratulations to Adam Kaloo on winning the East Anglia Highrollers tournament at Wymondhan sports bar Sunday 22nd September 2019.