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Still only week 3 of a 17 week season Play to win through to our online regional final with a guaranteed £3000 prize pool.

Not played online before? Follow the links for how to sign up for the game


I have had to take the very difficult decision to suspend all venue based games due to the current health situation with Coronavirus for safety of players in particular the elderly and those with health issues.
The suspension will be from Saturday 22nd March and is expected to last approximately 3 to 4 months.
As all Grosvenor based games have also been suspended the league will be frozen with a view to reinstating all points and positions as they stand after all games played up until midnight on the 22nd have had their points submitted.
I am hoping by that time that the worst of the current pandemic will be over and we can get back to some normality and take up where we left off,
Goliath payments will also stand and the main spreadsheet I hold will be updated accordingly to keep track of what individuals have paid.
To counteract this unprecedented necessity I am starting up an online league details of which are
There will be one game each night Sunday - Saturday with a view to that lasting for 3/4 months.
The game will commence 8pm with a 15 minute late reg.
Buyin will be £5+£3 £5 being the usual sidepot.
Each night will have its own league and a Regional league similar to the current format with red lines on both.
Qualification will also be the same 25% at venue and 10% in the regional league and those who do qualify will then play a regional game online for a Guaranteed £2000.
This could be more dependent on how many people play over the season.
So all players and hopefully some new ones to online games can play just the one or as many as they wish giving a prizepool on the night but also qualifying for the end of season final.
In the region we already have a good online base of players and regularly get 30 – 40 players on a Saturday night with 5 players being paid and first getting up to £80 and would hope to see many more people join the online poker player community in the region. So not only can you win money on the night but you could qualify for the end of season online Regional finals.
To start new players off, on the Grosvenor platform that the games will be played on, when you open an account you will get £20 FREE Tournament tickets to start your online poker.
Here is the link to download the poker software and open your account if on a PC or Mac
You can also download the app to your phone or tablet to also play and receive the free offer.
I do hope more get players involved with the online format as you can still play for big money at the end of the newtype season.
Any questions I will be happy to answer.



Due to the current situation with Coronavirus the National finals at Coventry are being postponed to a later time TBC.
It is also envisaged that the UK Final will follow suit, confirmation will be known for sure.


Congratulations to Martin Dickinson on winning the East Anglia Regional Finals 1st February 2020,

Final standings from Saturday's Regionals.

1st Martin Dickinson £640 + National seat
2nd Darren Moody £640 + National seat
3rd Peter Belson £640 + National seat
4th Spencer Dyos £300 + National seat
5th Mike Cuggy £250 + National seat
6th Steve Harvey £200 + National seat
7th Ali Spooner £180 + National seat
8th Oliver Wilkins £150 + National seat
9th Shaun Haines £140 + National seat
10th Barry Davis £120 + National seat
11th Kevin Moore £100 + National seat
12th David Larnder £90 + National seat
13th David Adams £80
14th Keith Halls £70
15th Roger Abrahams £50
16th Richard Fountain £50
17th Joe Clarke £40
18th Andy Goff £40

Highest Hand
Steven Burwood Straight Flush to the Queen National seat.

Congratulations to Hayley Smith Yaxley on winning the East Anglia Champion of Champions tournament at Diss cue club on Sunday 23rd February 2020.

Congratulation to Joe Vettraino on winning the East Anglia Highrollers Tournament at Mattishall Social Club Sunday 19th January 2020.


Congratulations to Alan Brighten on winning the East Anglia champion of champions tournament at Diss cue club.



Congratulations to Rob Fletcher on becoming the new and for a second East Anglia regional champion.



Final standings from Saturday's Regional finals at Grosvenor casino Great Yarmouth

1st Rob Fletcher £1000 + Casino Experience ( Already has National seat
2nd Chris Taylor £500 + Casino Experience + National seat
3rd Alex Hale £340 + National seat
4th Billy Doyle £300 + National seat
5th Luke Gould £250 + National seat
6th Barry Davis £200 + National seat
7th Stewart Churchard £180 + National seat
8th Adam Kaloo £150 ( Already has National seat )
9th Sean Davis £140 + National seat
10th Phil Barry £120 + National seat
11th Stephen Warner £100 + National seat
12th Spencer Baker £90 + National seat
13th Alan Thompson £80 + National seat
14th Paul Cott £70 + National seat
15th Danielle Chaplin £50
16th Julian Figura £50
17th Harry Osbourne £40
18th Kenny Derrick £40

Highest Hand Sean Hale £50 + National seat


Congratulations to Adam Kaloo on winning the East Anglia Highrollers tournament at Wymondhan sports bar Sunday 22nd September 2019.