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Name: Barry & Lana Gidman
Email: [email protected]

Local News (Tameside & Oldham)

Coronavirus Update (07/09/20)

Please note that Tameside & Oldham Pub Poker through Redtooth/Nuts will NOT resume this year. We hope that normality will be resumed as soon as possible and we expect to restart in January 2021

Redtooth/Nuts have published that pubs can re-commence leagues in October however the guidelines are that the maximum per table is 4 and strict Covid 19 sanitisation and track and trace is required. The current Covid restriction particualrly in partial lockdown does not help the situation in poker at the pub. We see too many negative variables and potential conflicts and in addition we would have to ensure that Covid 19 sanitisation is applied. Many UK venues are doing similar.

We have no problem in venues using the equipment  for "in house" tourneys but they would have no association with League games and would be expected to apply their covid rules. They would be the responsibility of the venue owners.

Both Redtooth & Nuts have stopped the leagues short when lockdown was applied. Redtooth - the top 4 players from the league will qualify for Regionals (date tba). Nuts -  those above the red line will qualify for Regionals (date tba). Venue winners will receive their trophies later this year and will have automatic qualification to the Nationals

2020 Events

Please note that all 2020 Regional & National Final dates for both Redtooth and Nuts have been postponed due to Covid 19. Dates will be annouced as soon as they are submitted by Grosvenor who, themselves, have restrictions on holding external tournaments


Tameside's Qualifiers for the National's at Coventry are Gary Clarke, Andy Shaw, Dave Gardener, Paul Parker, Malc Fewkes, Charles Hill, Lee Peacock and Mark Lang

Regional Final - Sunday 16th February

Congratulations to John Williams from North Wales Region on winning the Regional with Lee Peacock from Tameside finishing 2nd


108 Players started

Position Name Prize
1st John Williams £485 + Uk Final Seat + National Seat + Side Pot Goliath Seat
2nd Lee Peacock £320 + National Seat
3rd Donna Stanton £205
4th Paul Lally £150 + National Seat
5th Alan Franklin £105 + National Seat
6th Mark Lang £80 + National Seat
7th Mike Parcesepe £65 + National Seat
8th Richard Carling £45 + National Seat
9th Sion Rye £45 + National Seat
10th Jac Hughes £40
- Dylan Owen National Seat
- Charles Hill National Seat
- Matt Hail National Seat
- Mike Dolan National Seat



Holly Wilson National Seat



Please note that the Redtooth Regionals will be on 1st December at G Casino, Manchester

Andy Shaw, Rose Castellano, Ralph Kenyon, Scott Bailey, Tony Rathmill, Gary Clarke, John Castellano, Mark Rogers, Kieran Gates, Danny Elliot, Pam Berg, Samantha Rowland, Mick Hague, Stephen Bell, Liam Croft and Michael Rowlands will represent Tameside from the 4 Nuts/Redtoth venues

Unfortunately, no Tameside players on the final table of the Redtooth Regionals on Sunday 1st September

Congratulations to John Peatfield on finishing 3rd at the Redtooth Regionals (Season 1/19) and will play in the Nationals in an attempt to win a Vegas place

Congratulations to Lee Peacock (GREEK) on winning the Redtooth Regional Finals on 19/11/16. He has won a seat to the Redtooth Vegas 100 compettition. Neil Reedy was also on the Final table finishing 9th qualifying for the Nationals. A good day for The Organ.

Congratulations to Pete Johnson on winning the Redtooth Regional Finals on 19/02/17. He has won a seat to the Redtooth Vegas 100 competition.


Please note Barry's mobile number 07401 813707


Congratulations to the following players in winning their venues for Season 1/2019 - Paul Parker(Gardeners), Andy Shaw (Fox), Charles Hill (Junction), Dave Gardener (Cotton Bale) & Malc Fewkes (Hawthorne). They have also secured automatic qualification to the National Finals

The Top 6 averages (8+ games) are 1 - Mike Callaghan- 535 (Gardeners), 2 - Dave Gardener - 481 (Cotton Bale), 3 - Kieran Gates - 429 (Cotton Bale), 4 - Paul Parker - 423 (Gardeners), 5 - John Lees - 414 (Gardeners), 6 - Malc Fewkes - 391 (Hawthorne)

The top 5 tournament recorded hands are ROSE CASTELLANO - ROYAL FLUSH (Junction), Dean Parker - 9 to K SF (Gardeners), Paul Greenhaulgh 8 to Q SF (Cotton Bale), Chris Brumfitt 7 to J (Gardeners) and Paul Greenhaulgh 6 to 10 SF (Cotton Bale)


Please note that the Hawthorne will be playing on Saturday on 15th February to avoid clashing with the Nuts Regional Finals in the 16th Feb


BEN BURNAGE - 14th July 2010 at the Globe Hotel; STEVE IVES - 2nd August 2011 at the Junction Inn (Hazelhurst); MICK HAGUE - 30th August 2011 at the Chapman Arms, DARREN COLES - 13th February 2012 at the Old Ball ; LUCY CLAYTON - 8th April 2012 at the Sportsman, ADAM MYLOTT - 17th May 2012 at the Cotton Tree, KAREN DAVIES - 2nd August 2012 at the Cotton Tree, GINO TUZZILINO - 6th August 2012 at the Old Ball, MATTHEW FOGG - 15th November 2012 at the Commercial - KALPESH MAKANJI - 15th July 2013 at the Old Ball, BRIAN VICKERS - 11th December 2013 at the Chapman, NEIL REEDY - 30th January 2014 at the Top Astley, JOHN CASTELLANO - 5th May 2014 at the Junction, NEIL REEDY - 19th June 2016 at the Organ, MATT OGDEN - 8th December 2016 at the Lodge, BRAD WILSON - 20th September 2018 at the Lodge, JOHN CASTELLANO - 27th December 2018 at the Lodge, ROSE CASTELLANO - 28th October 2019 at the Junction, CHRIS COPE - 6th February 2020 at the Fox


Dave Gardner who hit Quad 9's and Pam Berg who hit Quad 6's at the Cotton Bale on 6th September, Gino Tuzzolino who hit Quad K's at the Junction on 9th September, Andy "Brockett" Shaw who hit 4 to 7 Straight Flush at the Fox on Thursday 12th September, John "JJ" Jameison and Mark "Curly" Rogers who both hit Quad A's at the Junction on 16th September, Dan Elliot who hit Quad J's at the Cotton Bale on 20th September, Kieran Gates and Wayne Morris who both hit Quad K's at the Cotton Bale on 27th September,  Gino Tuzzolini who hit Quad 7's at the Junction on 30th September, Michael Hague (Jnr) who hit Quad J's at the Gardeners on the 3rd October, Mick Hague who hit ???? at the Cotton Bale on 4th October, Paul Greenhalgh who hit 6 to 10 SF AND 8 to Q SF at the Cotton Bale on the 11th OctoberDean Parker who hit 9 to K straight flush and beat Chris Brumfitt who hit 7 to J straight flush in the same hand at Gardeners on 17th October, Wayne Morris who hit Quad 9's at the Cotton Bale on 18th October, Pam Berg who hit 8 to Q straightflush, John Catellano who hit Quad 6's at the Cotton Bale on 25th October, Rose Castellano who hit ROYAL FLUSH at the Junction on 28th October, Mike Rowland who hit Quad 4's at the Gardeners on 31st October, John Castellano who hit Quad K's at the Cotton Bale on 1st November, Terry Duffy who hit Quad 5's at the Junction on Monday 4th November, Mark Arrowsmith who hit Quad Q's at the Gardeners on 7th November, Rose Castellano who hit Quad 7's at the Cotton Bale on 8th November, John Lees who hit both Quad K's and  Quad 10's at the Gardeners on 14th November, Jack Parker who hit 5 to 9 straight flush at the Gardeners on 21st November, Greek who hit Quad J's at the Fox on 5th December, Dave Gardener who hit Quad 7's at the Cotton Bale on 6th December, Anthony Carey who hit 4 to 8 straight flush at the Gardeners on 5th December, Gino Tuzzolino who hit Quad 10's at Junction on 16th December, Greek who hit Quad 7's at the Junction on 23rd December, Chris Hague who hit both Quad K's and Quad 8's at the Cotton Bale on 27th December.


Mike Callghan who hit 8 to Q straight flush at the Gareners on 2nd January, Pam Berg who hit 8 to Q straight flush at the Gardners on 2nd January, Angela Taylor who hit Quad Q's on 16th January, Mark Lang who hit quad 6's at the Gardeners on 23rd January, Greek who hit 6 to 10 straight flush at the Fox on 23rd January, Matthew Corbett who hit Quad 8's at the Fox on 30th January, Mark Lang who hit Quad A's at the Gardeners on 6th February, CHRIS COPE who hit ROYAL FLUSH at the Fox on 6th February, Richard Jowett who hit Quad Q's at the Junction on 17th February, Gary Clarke who hit Quad K's at the Junction on 9th March